a residency/library/mini festival/community invitation/dancing museum/book publication/lecture series/workshop series/utopia.

Presented by Unit/Pitt Projects, from March 4th to April 4th, 2015.

An Exact Vertigo is an invitation to Vancouver’s contemporary dance and contemporary art communities to engage in discussion surrounding critical theory, text, and movement. The project consists of multiple actions: A free speaker and workshop series open to the public and accessible to non-dancers, the creation of a library of open-source critical writing, and the use of the 650 square-foot Unit/Pitt exhibition space as an alternative venue for research, development, and rehearsal by independent choreographers for their current projects.

As a way of engaging with the project’s larger theme, we will ask participants to have a conversation about their experience with the project’s curators Brynn McNab and Alexa Mardon. These interviews, framed by curatorial essays, will be published in book form.

By inviting dancemakers and dance-thinkers with varying approaches to participate in An Exact Vertigo, we aim to broaden the city’s traditional audience for discussion around contemporary dance, and to offer space for current dancemakers to re-imagine their practices in a new context.

An Exact Vertigo CalendarA more detailed schedule can be found below:

Week 1: March 4-8

Week 2: March 11-14

Week 3: March 18-22 

Week 4: March 25-29


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