The Fox 2A curatorial project by Arnaud Desjardin and The Everyday Press, with John Slyce

Opening Friday, November 15, 8 pm

Group reading of The Lumpen-Headache, Saturday, November 16, 2pm

The Fox – bootleg edition is available for purchase

The Fox was a short-lived critical journal and magazine published in New York in 1975 and 1976 by the American chapter of British conceptual art group Art & Language; only three issues were ever published. Those issues ended up as both the documentation of the internal tensions and struggles within the group and a testament to the political positions, debates and ideas that animated the individuals involved. The Fox was primarily text based and rooted in recent experimental conceptual practices. It also had a highly critical and articulate voice on a number of art- and society-related problems: education, the power of money and value in art, institutions and their functions, and autonomy.

The Everyday Press proposes a limited facsimilé reprint of the three issues of The Fox. Using some of the texts originally published in The Fox, a series of readings and  group discussions will be staged in order to test and argue the relevance, resonance and acuity of those ideas today.

The material reprinting of the  three issues of The Fox is aimed at making available those texts and ideas in as close a form as possible to the original publications. The Fox was originally printed with metal type on cheap newsprint, for this reissue the text was completely re-typeset and the layout design recreated digitally for all three volumes. This was done in order to be able to produce cheap printed copy through the current digital presses and/or office printing technologies.

The ultimate aim of Re: The Fox is to produce as a form of live historical bootlegging where authenticity is not a marketable gimmick but a political problem of transmission from one generation to the next.

“if you are concerned with trying to reclaim art as an instrument of social and cultural transformation, in exposing the domination of the culture/administrative apparatus as well as art which indolently reflects that apparatus, you are urged to participate in this journal.
its editorial thrust is ideological: it aims at a contribution to the wider movement of social criticism/transformation. (our contribution
will be on the art front but by no means limited to the fixed context closure of ‘art’.) we need a broad social base in positive opposition to the ideological content and social relations reproduced by ‘official’digital’ culture. those of you wishing to participate should send
correspondence to: the editors, post office box 728. canal street station, new york city, 10013 236 east pender street, vancouver v6a 1t7

Arnaud Desjardin is a French artist, curator and publisher currently based in London. He describes his ongoing publication project, The Everyday Press, as a “channel for collaborations with artists, curators, writers and academics to produce acts of publication to be considered as art works.” Having recently published a sourcebook on artists’ books, Desjardin is currently developing an online archival project in collaboration with Banner Repeater, an artist led project space in London.


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