August 1-August 14, 2009, Wednesday-Saturday, plus Sunday August 2nd noon-5 pm
Reception: July 31, 2009 @ 8 pm
Artist’s Talk: August 6, 2009 @ 6 pm

Generation Movement

GENERATION MOVEMENT is an interdisciplinary collaborative exhibition of contemporary Japanese Canadian performance-based works in which contemporary artists Kaori Kasai, Cindy Mochizuki, and Rafael Tsuchida collaborate with a non-artist member of their own family in another generation. The exhibition is curated by Lyndsay Sung.

GENERATION MOVEMENT is about the relationships (and ways of relating) between generations; the show attempts to disperse some generational misunderstanding, as well as to explore the boundaries between artists and non-artists, the art of the everyday and the common understanding of what or who an artist “is.”

The artists and non-artists inĀ GENERATION MOVEMENT worked towards developing a greater understanding of each other through this collaboration. Cindy Mochizuki shares a set of drawings of her family’s living room, with three perspectives done by different family members; she also presents a video performance work of the family singing the same song in three different panels. Rafael Tsuchida presents a sculpture based on his attempt to understand his father’s past occupation as a chicken sex determiner, together with a sound piece using audio he collected over his last trip home at Christmas visiting his parents. Kaori Kasai’s installation brings together the work of her own drawings and the work of her amateur photographer father. This project truly helped bridge a huge gap between the estranged pair.