The Unit/Pitt Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of computer art works by the Grey Point Fractalists, a Vancouver based collaboration of artists and mathematicians. As well as paintings influenced by the rapid advance of computer technology within our society, the exhibition will consist of process works written for the IBM P.C. and the Commodore 64 personal computers. These pieces deal primarily witht he mathematical concept of the Fractal, used to describe the morphology of nature. A Fractal is a pattern in which large units and small units exhibit the same shape and behaviour, as seen in the growth of crystals, or the branching and rebranching of green plants. It is the element of randomness within more or less fixed structures which creates infinite variety in nature. It is the relationship between physical laws and the unpredictable (“creative”) factor that is the real subject of the exhibition.

The show opens with a reception on Monday, July 16, and will run to July 28. Gallery hours 12 to 5, Tuesday to Saturday.