Patrick Hughes of HUGE STUDIOS graces the Unit/Pitt Gallery, 163 West Pender, with Mostly Real Big Paintings, opening at 9 p.m. July 30.

Formerly known as a photographer and filmmaker, Hughes has dragged his painting skills out of the woodwork to present many large figurative works dealing with your favourite topics:


Luscious in themselves, these paintings also display some intelligent commentary on the process of art-making. Painted on tent tarps, complete with seams, they illustrate some of the real concerns of artists living and working on the seamier side of town. The paintings are gestural, active and immediate, and will be shown with painted photographs, providing a link between the two media.

Hughes has produced art for years, but so far it has been available to only the privileged few. He came out of the closet for a small exhibition at the Montgomery Cafe which increased pressure on him to produce a major show. It has been previewed and praised by serious collectors (of which there are approximately three in Vancouver). Hughes, however insists on calling the show an installation, because the paintings are too large to buy.

The show continues through August 11.