Robert Dayton is The Canadian RomanticRobert Dayton Junior Presents: AN EVENING WITH THE CANADIAN ROMANTIC

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Presented by UNIT/PITT at the Dunlevy Snack Bar, 433 Dunlevy Ave., Vancouver BC on Friday, January 13 2012 | Tickets ($25, performance plus dinner; $40, performance plus dinner plus book)  in advance, available at UNIT/PITT(15 E. Pender St.), READ Books (at Emily Carr University), Dunlevy Snackbar (433 Dunlevy Ave.), or  online.

This will be a one of a kind evening that combines large amounts of shared laughter with soft music and unsettling feelings of desire…!

Robert Dayton is a multidisciplinary entertainer, writer, and artist from British Columbia who resides for the moment in Toronto. His work has appeared in Hunter and Cook, Carousel, The Toronto Onion, Roctober, Cinema Sewer, Paper Rodeo, Bananafish, CBC3 and numerous other places. He is known for being in such curious musical acts as Canned Hamm and July Fourth Toilet, as well as acting in the films Male Fantasy, Ivory Tower, and Leslie My Name Is Evil.

Robert’s most recent project is his series of videos and performances as the persona of The Canadian Romantic, a melodramatic figure of faded glamour who tries to bridge and explore the gap between Canada and romance with somewhat dubious results. Some key Canadian Romantic videos will be played. The Canadian Romantic himself will be performing live, taking topic suggestions from the crowd for his infamous impromptu candlelight Recitations. Expect glittery Bon Mots aplenty from a  man of way too much experience. You will come alive with laughter feeling like you’ve woken up at an undisclosed time with make up smeared across your face.

After that will be a curated tour of  the forgotten musical Recitation genre, which also includes the notion of famous Ac-tor as Singer: expect the plummy tones of Telly Savalas, Bruno Gerussi, Richard Harris, and a few glorious unknowns! This musical genre has been a key influence on The Canadian Romantic.