On Thursday, May 21st, ISSUE Magazine will be celebrating one year as a quarterly!

With a completely re-formatted and re-conceptualized magazine, we will be trying on some new pants for the next year. We’ve got 20 short-but sweet reviews of recent Vancouver shows, and some longer musings on art criticism and generosity. Pair that with a cut-out cover by Antoni Wojtyra and a peppering of drawings of contortions of naïveté by Stella Hsu, and we’ve put together a pretty decent outfit.

In addition to the magazine, we will also be launching the EMERGING ARTISTS EXHIBITION RESOURCE. Compiled by Jenn Dickieson, Barbara Matthews, Alex Hill and Mona Min, this little booklet outlines what to expect when you are exhibiting in Vancouver. With basic info about as many exhibition spaces as we could wrangle replies from, and helpful hints from directors, curators, and all the other people who work hard to make the Vancouver art scene exist, it is attempting to be the artist’s self-help guide that might actually be useful.

Come by at 8pm, have a drink, and pick up your copy!

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