library-libraryPoetry reading

Sunday January 19
7:00 pm
UNIT/PITT Projects, 236 East Pender
Free Admission 

Michael Nardone is managing editor of Amodern. Recent writings and dialogues appear in The Coming Envelope, Jacket2, Poetry Is Dead, n+1, Lemon Hound, Le Merle, The Conversant, and the language art anthology The Dark Would. Nardone is a doctoral student at Concordia University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, where he writes on poetics, media, and sound.

Stephen Collis‘ most recent books are To the Barricades (Talon 2013) and, with Jordan Scott, Decomp (Coach House 2013).

Christine Leclerc is the author of Oilywood (Nomados 2012) and the editor of The Enpipe Line.

Donato Mancini is the author of Ligatures (2005), Aethel (2007) and Buffet World (2011) and Fact ‘n’ Value (2011).

Cecily Nicholson is the author of Triage (Talon 2011) and the forthcoming From the Poplars (Talon 2014).

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