Library of Outsider Research launch party, Friday, July 8, 7pm

In July and August 2016, UNIT/PITT is suspending its exhibition program but remaining open to the public. A selection of screenings, events, services and activities will occupy the space during this prolonged interstitial period.

The first element of T.A.Z. is the Rock N Roll Pleasure Henge (2016), first conceived by Kevin Romaniuk & Liam Hogan as part of the exhibition “Like a Rolling Stone: An Exhibition of Rock and Rock”, held at Charles H Scott Gallery. The Henge has been reconfigured as a Reading Room and Library of Outsider Research.

On Friday July 8, we will meet as a group to inaugurate this project with music and films compiled by the artists as part of their ongoing research. A limited edition print will be available, free to visitors, to mark the occasion.

Future T.A.Z. developments will be announced at, or sometimes not at all.

ASL (Kevin Romaniuk & Liam Hogan) is chartered in Vancouver British Columbia in accordance with the laws of the Universe as an artistic and educational organization. Since 2007 various explorations and research projects have been supported, adding immeasurably to freedom of thought, patterns of fraternal interaction, and aspects of the future.

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