An Exact Vertigo 2016/2055

exact-vertigo-posterAn Exact Vertigo, entering its second year, is an invitation to Vancouver’s contemporary dance and contemporary art communities to engage in discussion surrounding critical theory, text, choreography, and movement. The series will return to UNIT/PITT projects in 2016 as part of UNIT/PITT’s 2055 Project, a programming framework for the year which imagines the possibilities and limitations of artist-run culture in the next 40 years. After the support for our alternative festival last year, we will be readdressing contemporary dance and performance in the context of its possible futures. Some questions the project will attempt to address are: What will we be gathering around in the next 40 years, and how do we manage this at its most inclusive? How might we address the politics of place in artist run centres as processes of gentrification continue to rapidly unfold? What are the potentialities of skilled practices in a post-disciplinary culture? How do we cease placing ourselves in distinctions of emerging/established, viewer/performer, artist/citizen, and begin truly co-producing the cultural communities that we want to participate in?

WEEK 1: March 14- March 20

Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm, Alana Gerecke in residence
Wednesday, March 16, 7pm panel talk hosted with Alexa Mardon, Brynn McNab and Jacquelyn Ross
Friday, March 18, 1pm, reading hour
Saturday, March 19, 3pm, co-writing criticism workshop by Brynn McNab

WEEK 2: March 21- March 27

Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm, Carolina Bergonzoni in residence
Wednesday, March 23, 7pm talk by Justine Chambers
Friday, March 25, 1pm, reading hour
Saturday, March 26, 3pm, workshop by Justine Chambers

WEEK 3: March 28- April 3

Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm, Alex Mah in residence
Wednesday, March 30, 7pm talk by Lee Su-Feh
Friday, April 1, 1pm, reading hour
Saturday, April 2, 3pm, workshop by Lee Su-Feh

WEEK 4: April 4- April 10

Tuesday – Saturday, 12-5pm, Evann Siebens in residence
Wednesday, April 6, 7pm talk by Hong Kong Exile
Friday, April 8, 1pm, reading hour
Saturday, April 9, 3pm, workshop by Hong Kong Exile
10pm Sask Social hosted by Deanna Peters


“The sensitivity to dance possessed by each and every one of us comes from the fact that dance answers, after its own fashion, Spinoza’s question: What is a body as such capable of? It is capable of art, that is, it can be exhibited as a native thought. How are we to name the emotion that seizes us at this point — as little as we ourselves may be capable of an absolute and impersonal fulgurant gaze? I will name this emotion an exact vertigo.”

Badiou, Handbook of Inaesthetics

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