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Gravity wins, Entropy rules: Catherine MacTavish, Al Razutis, Sidney Gordon. Edited & Designed by Felix Rapp.
This DIY publication is an accessory to the exhibition by the same name of Al Razutis’ holographic assemblages curated by Felix Rapp at UNIT/PITT from March 2-April 30, 2024.
In Curator and Editor Felix Rapp’s introduction, he opens the conversation around the contemporary status of holography within the art world and society at large, alongside a candid description of his experience first meeting Al at his home on Saturna Island and being shown his collection of holographic works stored in this unlikely location.
An essay titled “What is a Hologram?” by Catharine MacTavish, describes her time experimenting within the Visual Alchemy holographic studio formerly located under the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver, and explores how holograms can confront us with the illusory and imaginal nature of existence.
A titular essay by Al Razutis—in his signature writing style—discussing the roles of light, electromagnetic radiation, and fields of energy within holography, alongside storied historical accounts of several individual artworks.
Finally, “Looking Through a Two-Way Lens: A reflection on ‘Vancouver’s’ lively underground cine-culture, 1960-present” written by Sidney Gordon (co-founder of local film screening collective XINEMA) discusses the success of Razutis’ experimental films and “no-barrier screenings” in the late 1960’s-70’s in Vancouver.
Cover printed by Moniker Press, interior printed by Gramma Publications Ltd, trimming and binding by Publication Studio Vancouver.