Sound of the Sun, Volume III: Summer Solstice limited edition cassette.



Sound of the Sun, Volume III: Summer Solstice — Limited Edition Cassette (50).

Released on June 20th, 2024.


Sound of the Sun, Vol. III, the third and final iteration of our Sound of the Sun Series, meditates on the cyclical nature of solar movements, and our relationship with the sun; again in flux as the days lengthen. The project invited 10 artists to observe, respond, record, and retell their experiences through music, poetry, field recordings, synthesis, storytelling, or any other audio-based method. Together, the playlist reverberates around and through a densely populous world—culminating in a noisy and ambient introspection on the oddity of the sun’s singular presence.

Curated by Jefferson Alade. Design by MUNI Design. Mastering by Jeff Morton.

Mixing for “a rainbow arches over flamingos wading in a lagoon” by Nick Short (CHOMS Studios).