Edited by Martina Roy & Abbas Akhavan
Designed by Carley Hodgkinson

A full-colour cornucopia of recipes by artists, food-related texts and images — a playful, yet critical ode to all things eaten. This is the second component of the Helen Pitt Gallery’s year-long investigation and celebration of food, eating and the social and artistic possibilities of the meal. Features recipes, food-themed writings and images by Kim Kennedy Austin, Kristina Podesva, Abbas Akhavan, Marina Roy, Natasha McHardy, Randy Lee Cutler, Margot Leigh Butler, Renay Egami, Michael Turner, Aleksandra Idzior, Patrik Andersson, Nancy Nisbet, William Wood, Phillip McCrum, Jesse Caryl, Haig Aivazian, Linda Chinfen, Allison Andrachuk, Lance Blomgren, Eleanor Morgan, Riisa Walden, Divya Mehra, Nina & Sasha Krieger, Ron Tran, Sydney Hermant, Jeremy Todd, Bob Blumer, Donato Mancini, Arabella Campbell, Gareth Moore, Johann Groebner, Anne Lesley Selcer, Carolee Schneeman, Gaile Addison, Isabelle Pauwels, Martha Rosler, Erin Mouré, Kegan McKadden, Vandana Shiva, Emmy Lee, Adrienne Lai, and Emily Rosamond.

86 pages
5″ x 8″
ISBN 978-0-9782165-4-2

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