IOU - installation viewA couple of weeks ago, when we changed the sign at 15 E Pender, like we have done for every event since April 2011, it really set in that were moving out of that small, quirky space now. The last event at 15 E Pender was a closing party for GRAY School (1) on Wednesday, May 15 at 8pm.

Now we’re at 236 East Pender, a building where we have a 15-year lease that will allow the Pitt a bit more stability, as well as a better facility. The current exhibition, I.O.U., opened here on Friday, May 17. The space is still a bit raw. Renovations are still under way, and there’s a bit of a provisional feel about things. That’s pretty appropriate for the first exhibition; the work itself was submerged in ocean waters before being reclaimed and hung here at 236, and this process, as well as the change and decay wrought by salt water and sea creatures itself exposes the sometimes-provisional nature of art creation and presentation.


Posted by:Kay Higgins

Executive Director of UNIT/PITT from 2010 to 2018. Artist, writer, publisher.

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