A video playlist for Yin Yang TempleEven when we’re closed, there’s still something to look at, every evening from 8 to 11pm. Right now, it’s a playlist put together for Patrick Cruz’s installation Yin Yang Temple (you can also see the installation part of this project at night if you peek through the bars around our doors). In the coming weeks, we’ll have video of Wil George, and some other projects as well.

We started showing video in the window as a way to exhibit Weekend Leisure’s curatorial project Public Access: 1999 & Beyond back in early April. Since then, we have shown a web-based piece connected with the exhibition Unstable Ground; a music video by Chris von Szombathy during his solo exhibition, a Mathew Sawyer video of a blackbird eating a raisin, and a few surprises here and there as well. We’ll be showing video from this year’s Wrong Wave festival in the new year, and video from Rereading the Riot Act as well. If you’re walking around in our neighbourhood at night, take a little detour for some commitment-free artist-run culture.