236 E Pender, Robert Chaplin exhibition, 24 May 2014Robert Chaplin’s solo exhibition About Time, which opened back in mid-May, is closing this weekend. The show is a sampling of what Robert has produced over about two decades, including drawing, painting, sculptures, books, and animation.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, or if you want to come back for a second look (there are, in fact, hundreds of works on display), we’ll be here from noon to 5 daily until About Time closes for good on Saturday, June 28. The exhibition was accompanied by two books: Robert Chaplin’s artist’s book, Sorry I’m Not Sorry, and A Dossier Against Cyncism: Two Essays for Robert Chaplin by Jerry Zaslove. If you missed the show, or even if you didn’t, you can order books from us online, or drop by during our open hours to browse and buy in person.

After the 28th, we’ll be closing for a little while, and we’ll be back on July 12 with a summer curatorial residency by Sylvana D’Angelo and Anežka Minaříková. Look for more information in the next few days.

Posted by:Kay Higgins

Executive Director of UNIT/PITT from 2010 to 2018. Artist, writer, publisher.

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