Sxwchálten (Dustin Rivers): Vancouver Can’t Argue With The Dead opens Saturday December 10, 8pm
Ek Rzepka artist talk Sunday December 11, 2pm

This weekend, UNIT/PITT’s Ill Repute series of emerging artist commissions continues with two events: the launch of Vancouver Can’t Argue With the Dead by Sxwchálten (Dustin Rivers) on Saturday, December 10 at 8pm; and a talk to go with Chun Hua Catherine Dong & Ek Rzepka’s crowdsourced work We Give A Shit Because We Care, on Sunday, December 11 at 2pm.

There are still more events to come in this series before we close for the holidays: a video launch, additional publications, evening video screenings, and web-only content. Subscribe to our mailing list for details, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Ill Repute is a series of commissions intended as critical riffs on the history that has intersected with the Helen Pitt Gallery (Unit/Pitt, Pitt International Galleries, Helen Pitt Gallery Artist Run Centre, P.I.G. Gallery, and all of the other things we have been called). The series so far has included Patrick Cruz, Wil George, Chun Hua Catherine Dong & Ek Rzepka, and Sxwchálten (Dustin Rivers); installations, audio, online works, books and video are all part of the project. What is emerging is a picture of ideas and tendencies that have endured and resisted extinction despite ending up on the wrong side of history.

With support from the City of Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Grants Program. Ill Repute is also supported by a project grant from the British Columbia Arts Council. UNIT/PITT Projects is grateful for ongoing support from the City of Vancouver, the British Columbia Arts Council, the Canada Council, and from artists, cultural workers, volunteers and individual donors, without whom we would be unable to continue.