We’re closed for a little while right now, recuperating from a busy spring and summer. This fall is going to be pretty amazing though, starting with SWARM in early September:

  • Opening September 9, an exhibition, residency and performance by UK artist Mathew Sawyer, curated by Cate Rimmer
  • Wrong Wave II: Art rock is dead. Long live art rock. is a four-day festival of art bands, artist DJs, and a panel discussion on U-J3RK5 on the Saturday. September 14 – 17.
  • Ill Repute, five works commissioned by UNIT/PITT from emerging artists, celebrating the cultures, movements and tendencies that have ended up on the wrong end of Vancouver’s 125-year history.
  • More publications in the Rereading The Riot Act series.
  • More evening video screenings in our front window, and more UNIT/PITT Radio.

So, more busy times. Subscribe to our mailing list, or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to stay informed about UNIT/PITT.