Tomorrow, December 15 is the last day of regular Pitt programming this year. It’s also the last official day of Power2012 radio, the Thumbs Up used-mp3 store, and Red76′s curatorial project This Is An (A) Front: A Covert Education.

Here’s the schedule for tomorrow’s closing:

12:00 – 1:00PM: the final instalment of “Ethnopoesis Radio Hour” by Dylan Gauthier

1:00 – 3:00PM: a selection of music from DJ, and intern, Sarah Wong 

3:00 – 5:00PM: the final instalment of Gabriel Saloman’s “When Will We Ever Learn“, with guest Nicholas Perrin and special appearance (via skype) by Sam Gould

Surprise guests, Marx/Santa cards and $20 Thumbs Up USB all day!

Refreshments will be served.

5 thoughts on “ Tomorrow – Saturday, December 15 – Celebrate the end of Red76′s Power2012, Thumbs Up, This Is An (A) Front ”

  1. Starting at 6pm Pacific Time, Friday December 14th, and running continuously until 1 pm Saturday December 15th, is Dylan Gauthier’s Ethnopoesis Radio Hour (ep. 4). You can pick it up in the vicinity of UNIT/PITT on 89.7, through our speakers at 15 East Pender during open hours, or over the internet at Power2012.ca.

    Wardriving for low- and micro- power and community radio stations around New York City, Power 2012‘s Ethnopoesis Radio Hour culls and reassembles moments from the preceding weekend’s radio transmissions – adding in selected commentaries and discussions on politics and the public sphere in an examination of the role of the physical presence of radio in the city, and the relationships created and supported by the public airwaves. This week, our program ponders the imponderable cell phone. What is the cell phone? Why do so many of us feel we can’t “live without” one? Are we ever allowed to be bored? Or alone? Only in those moments when ours have run out of batteries or we’ve somehow managed to stumble “out of range” – as if that were even possible for the majority of us these days. Tonight, ERH teeters on the flickering brink of no-bars to bring you “The Cell Phone.”

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