In light of the impact of COVID-19 on our organization and operations at 8EAST, UNIT/PITT has decided to leave its partnership with the New Orchestra Workshop Society (NOW) at 8EAST (8 East Pender Street) as of October 1, 2020. The NOW Society will continue to offer events and programs at 8EAST.

For information about programs at 8EAST, visit, and the NOW Society on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

UNIT/PITT has shifted upcoming programs to postal and digital platforms, and will continue operations from a temporary office space at VIVO Media Arts Centre (2625 Kaslo Street). As organizations partnering on, a platform for critical discourse and free school launching in early 2021, UNIT/PITT and VIVO look forward to working side by side.

UNIT/PITT would like to extend its gratitude to the organizations and individuals that have supported our programs at 8EAST, and our 2019-20 community partners Lil Comedy and Afro Van Connect. Thanks also to the following funders for their ongoing support: Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver, British Columbia Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and individual donors.

Art Abode Dialogue at Helen Pitt Gallery, 1982. Photo by Todd Davies

Initially founded as the Helen Pitt Gallery, UNIT/PITT has operated within and around Chinatown, Gastown and Downtown Eastside Vancouver since 1975. The organization has witnessed and been impacted by changes to the neighbourhood resulting from systemic poverty, discrimination, drug stigma, and gentrification. During this time of transition, UNIT/PITT’s leadership is committed to evaluating its complicity as an arts organization, and how best to continue meaningfully supporting emerging artists who live and work in the neighbourhood.

UNIT/PITT will release more updates in the coming months. For additional inquiries, email