The Pitt is awakening from the holidays mid-January this year. Here is some of what you can expect from us in the next few months!

Our first exhibition, The Facility for Consideration, runs January 16 – February 28th. Featuring work by Derek Coulombe, Tom Hsu, Kari Kleinmann, and Lida Pawliuk, and curated by Brynn McNab, this exhibition looks at two dimensional translations of various aspects of the built environment.
Come by for the opening reception January 15 at 7pm.
This project and will also be accompanied by the publication of a small edition of a handmade photography/fiction book collaboration, launch date TBA.

ISSUE Magazine launches its 4th issue February 14th, completing the first year of its revival!
This upcoming issue features writing from Antoni Wojtyra, Soraya Pathman, Carla Stewart, and many other voices, old and new. There will be drawings made especially for us by Troy Lovegates and Andrea Flockhart, with a cover designed by Madison Killo.

In March, UNIT/PITT is foraying into Vancouver’s contemporary dance world with a project under the title of An Exact Vertigo, offering local choreographers a research and rehearsal space within the gallery in return for engagement with a larger critical theory project which includes workshops and lectures open and free for the public, a library of open source texts, and an original publication. Participating artists include Justine Chambers, Jen Weih, and Benjamin Kamino. Curated by Alexa Mardon and Brynn McNab.

Stay tuned for more events in 2015! We will be entering our 40th year as an organization, it is bound to be every bit as chaotic and exciting as the last 39.