“Not bad for an old fart.” – Vanguard

“…we’re artists in this town, ranging in age from a hundred and forty-nine (Bill Featherston)…” – Alan Wood, Issue

He’s not that old, but he does have around thirty years on the average age bracket at the Unit/Pitt. He’s from the old school of hard-drinking, rough-talking macho painters, but he fits into the spirit of the place.

For example, his piece in the Destructo Show held here to coincide with the new VAG premises was a painting/collage called Suck. It had long-necked pink cellophane ET creatures gaping at the new gallery. This was at the same time his work was being shown in the Vancouver: Art and Artists exhibition.

For his exhibition opening on May 7 at the Unit/Pitt Gallery, 163 W. Pender (8 p.m.), Featherston is displaying a fifty-foot long painting and a video. You can teach an old dog new tricks. The show runs through May 19.