Applications due September 15, 2023

UNIT/PITT is seeking to hire a Publisher to oversee operations of ReIssue’s online and printed publishing platforms. Since January 2020, ReIssue has established itself as an important platform for critical art writing and discourse within Western Canada through its online home at, through writing workshops, and in print through our annual anthology publications. The Publisher has the opportunity to expand and grow ReIssue’s operations, and their own position through securing additional funding. This is a highly collaborative and creative administrative position akin to that of a Director. The Publisher supports ReIssue staff, operations, and contributors through seeking and managing funding, coordinating special projects and timelines, and overseeing the health, relevance, and growth of ReIssue within the parameters of its mandate, mission, values, and strategic plan.

ReIssue is administered through UNIT/PITT, however it functions with its own mandate, mission, values, and strategic plan. The Publisher works in close collaboration with the ReIssue Editor and Assistant Editor on all content and project-related concerns; and with UNIT/PITT’s Director on all budget, policy, and HR related work. UNIT/PITT Executive Director and Board of Directors will support and oversee high level decision-making, financial management, and HR concerns; and will maintain an arms-length approach to decision-making on published content and special project initiatives made by ReIssue staff.

Job Title: Publisher
Employment Type: Part-time/flexible (~55 hours/month)
Salary: $20,000/year (gross) (equivalent to approx. $30.30/hour)
Payment Schedule: Monthly, on final Friday of the month
Location: Vancouver, remote/hybrid

Employee Benefits: Flexible schedule, $1000 annual Health Spending Account following 3-month probationary period, ability to grow position through securement of additional funding. Two weeks paid vacation in year one (increases to three weeks in year two) of employment. All employees additionally receive holiday bonus days off for two-weeks around the winter holidays in December-January.

This position is currently funded through the Vancouver Foundation and BC Community Gaming Grants. The Publisher agrees to lead in grant writing efforts to secure continued funding to ensure the continued financial health of ReIssue and of this job position.


  • Non-profit, preferably in a leadership role
  • Print and digital publishing in the arts
  • Awareness of arts publishing culture
  • Financial planning/bookkeeping experience
  • Fundraising and outreach


  • Big Picture: Carry out high-level visioning in collaboration with ReIssue Editor & U/P Director
    • Including strategic planning, ongoing Mandate/Mission/Values development
    • Overseeing the practical implementation of mandate/vision/values
    • Reports to UNIT/PITT Director on all major decision-making or events, and on how work hours have been fulfilled
    • Works within parameters of UNIT/PITT’s Workplace Values
  • Content: Work with Editor to develop and maintain editorial/content goals
    • Asked to weigh in on content, while respecting final decisions made by the Editors
    • Assists with compiling information for Bi-Weekly Digestif
    • Can weigh in on soliciting pitches and writing
  • Special Projects:
    • Coordinates the printing of ReIssue Anthologies and other materials in collaboration with ReIssue staff; including overseeing timeline, coordination with printers, and planning launch event
    • Pursues implementation of special projects including: art writing contest, workshop, art writer database
  • Financial: Oversees financial management
    • Prepares annual budget in consultation with Editor and UNIT/PITT Director (to be approved by U/P board)
    • Monitors cash flow, manages/maintains budget
  • Grant Writing + Funding: Lead grant writer/funding seeker
    • Develop and manage an annual fundraising plan
    • Build & develop relationship with donors/sponsors
    • leads grant writing efforts in collaboration with ReIssue Editor and UNIT/PITT Director
    • Cultivates and stewards new partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations that support ReIssue’s mandates and goals, including ReIssue’s advertising program
  • Marketing + Promotions: Oversee/lead marketing communications, promotional events, and circulation of anthology
    • Manages distributor contracts and placements, develops new ones, and oversees distribution in a timely manner that meets publication dates
    • Evaluates data and strategies, develops plans to enhance distribution and visibility
    • Oversees Google Analytics, uses this to inform strategic growth

How to Apply:

Please send applications to by end of day September 15th, 2023 with subject line “ReIssue Publisher”. Applications should contain a 1-page cover letter, a CV/Resume, and 2 references. We encourage you to explore the website prior to applying.