On April 23, 1984 the Unit/Pitt Gallery at 163 West Pender will be transformed into an erotic bathroom courtesy of the fiberglass sculptor Craig Mahood. Working on this most mundane of environments, the bathroom, the artist has managed to create a sensual erotic filled piece that will forever colour the way we look at our bathrooms. Not only are the pieces beautiful sculptures but they are also functional. The pieces can actually be installed in your own home and used on a daily basis.

Craig Mahood is a 30 year old native North Vancouverite who attended the old Vancouver Art School and with his erotic bathroom piece he manages to combine a sexual playfulness, a sense of humour and a desire to create functional beautiful things simultaneously. While using his sculptural bathroom pieces these ideals are all brought into play. The standing urinal is literally standing on sculpted human legs. From the found object of Marcel Duchamp and the R. Mutt signature to this. The artist has invaded the bathroom. He has taken the functional scientific pristine objects of this room and transformed the bathroom into a piece of erotic sculpture. Bidets, bathtubs and urinals are all given the full Mahood treatment.

And is this not the purpose of an artist? To call attention to and change the world that we experience on a day to day basis. After you have seenthis work you will never be able to again enter a bathroom and not think of the possibilities that are aroused by Mr. Mahood’s sculptures.

Beautiful to look at, a pleasure to use and a good laugh. The artist is telling us about the possibilities and how we can transform the unmentionable without recourse to cold laboratory scientism. There is no need to feel ashamed of the bathroom ever again thanks to Mr. Mahood’s efforts. The bathroom has been restored to human dimensions.