Opening Monday, march 12, 1984 at 8pm the Unit/Pitt Gallery is happy to present the recently completed installation of Debora Klyman-Mowczan, a Vancouver sculptor. The installation which will occupy the entire gallery space is comprised of three elemnts: the pool, the poles and 75 modular units referred to as, the structures. Envision an undersized Stanley Park for the Lilliputians portrayed in shdes of faded red and forest green.

This installation called Sculpture Garden is a place that is sculpture, not work sited in a garden. The work is a Garden because plots of cultivated experience take form. The structures formed evolve the maerials used and expand the development of Garden, the lay-out and promotion of cultivation.

– Debora Klyman-Mowczan, February 26, 1984

The exhibition will run for two weeks from March 12 until March 24, 1984.