Elizabeth Zvonar, Jesse Gray, Vishal Jugdeo, Paul Kajander and Elizabeth Milton
Production, Consumption & Function: Exploring Alternative Economies

January 17 – February 29, 2004

The work in this exhibition has been programmed in conjunction with InFest (see www.paarc.ca/infest) and is meant to contribute to the celebration and discussion of international artist run culture. The work questions the necessity of participating in the “totality of advanced capitalism” by imagining/enacting alternative economies. Notions of collectivity, individuality, production and reception are conflated.

Featuring the Free Luck Cart and an Alternative Economies Community Panel Discussion by Elizabeth Zvonar and The Meeting by Jesse Gray, Vishal Jugdeo, Paul Kajander and Elizabeth Milton

This exhibition will be accompanied by a roundtable discussion about alternative economies mediated by Clint Burnham and organized by Elizabeth Zvonar and the Helen Pitt Gallery. The roundtable is a free event happening on Saturday, February 28th, 2004, at 2pm at ECIAD, Rm. 269, North Building. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a text only catalogue with essays by Kirsten Forkert, Ted Hamilton and Jeremy Todd.

Read here for a conversation with Elizabeth Zvonar and here for a conversation with Jesse Gray, Vishal Jugdeo, Paul Kajander and Elizabeth Milton.

Biographical Information

Elizabeth Zvonar is an artist living and working in Vancouver. In conjunction with her project Free Luck for Production, Consumption & Function: Exploring Alternative Economies, as part of her practice she is also co-organizing a panel discussion about alternative economies as a satellite project for Infest to be held in late February 2004.

Elizabeth Milton’s work combines her interests in performance, music and popular culture with a playful and often humorous approach to making art. She recently participated in exhibition at Video In and plays the keyboard in the band The Neins.

Jesse Gray is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice has involved work with video, sound, installation and performance, often exploring the relationship that exists between material culture, personal experience and memory. She was awarded the Helen Pitt Graduating Scholarship in 2002.

Paul Kajander’s recent work has involved aspects of drawing, text, installation, sound and video typically centred around notions of the performed subject. He was recently published in Front Magazine.

Vish Jugdeo has used video and installation to produce work that explores performative or fictional possibilities within built environments and everyday space. He participated in a residency and exhibition, On Location, at the Belkin Satellite in 2003.

Elizabeth, Jesse and Vish have all recently received a BFA in Visual Arts at Simon Fraser University. Paul is completing his final semester.