Friday, January 6–Saturday, February 4, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, January 6, 2006 at 7:00 pm

No Minors presents a set of individual and collaborative thematic works by fourth year Emily Carr Institute students Erik F. Hood, Julia Marshburn and Sam Willcocks. 99 Bottles of Beer is a classic drinking song dating back to the 14th Century and provides sculptural and performative potential for Willcocks, Marshburn and Hood.

Willcocks generously provides 99 bottles to bring the ritual to fruition for the opening. The participatory nature of the repetition within the song intends to bring audiences together through tried and true means of alcohol consumption. The thematic framing of the exhibition aims to examine the inclusive/exclusive means that this particular type of generosity from the artist operates in a wider cultural framework.

Marshburn builds on Willcocks work by using the Mobius Strip to visually represent song and illustrate the endless possible recurrence of the lyrics. Following her interest in musical structures and formulas, geometric principles are introduced that enhance physicality while highlighting the nature of construction in popular music.

Hood’s video piece uses reversal to ensure a never-ending loop. With slow, methodical action the bottle is emptied but then refilled in the same manner that it was taken, preventing beginning and end and resonating the fantasy of a never ending beer.

Sam Willcocks researches and gains inspiration from iconic cultural items for his work. Generally, Willcocks avoids obscurity with his references but manages to dig deep into their pasts.

Julia Marshburn frequently quotes the legacy of popular music to the point of fascination. She inserts herself into the narratives as an outsider from today with nostalgia for what she has never experienced.

Erik F. Hood has a materially diverse practice that often surrounds concepts of memory and history. He will be studying in Iceland for a portion of his final semester. All three artists have worked in close proximity to one another for some time in addition to all holding positions on the publication team for ECIAD’s Woo Magazine.