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Esophagus Now: Chris von Szombathy

June 10 to July 9, 2011

Chris von Szombathy’s Esophagus Now combines prints, small sculptures and video in what is simultaneously a celebration and an interrogation of consumption — and “consumption” is seen literally in many of the works here. From custom-drawn labels on soft-drink bottles, together making up the words in sentences, to immaculate reproductions of snack food — this exhibition evokes thirst, hunger and primal longings in a fashion that is both exuberant and introspective.

Chris von Szombathy is a visual/audio artist and producer who is currently published by Drawn & Quarterly and is working on his first book for Simply Read. He has also been published in editions by TV Books and Anteism and his work has been shown in galleries in Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Barcelona and Edinburgh. He also is currently the musical director for Audio Ahdeo Awdio and Tour de Fours.

A book, co-published with Publication Studio Vancouver, will accompany this exhibition.

There will also be nightly presentations of Chris von Szombathy’s music and video in the windows of 15 East Pender Street.








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