To commemorate Vancouver’s 125th anniversary, emerging artists produced commissioned works drawing on the wrong side of history, using the lens of the 36-year existence of the Helen Pitt – Unit/Pitt – Pitt International Galleries.

Curated by Cease Wyss and Keith Higgins. The project includes commissioned works by: Chris Bose, Chunhua Catherine Dong & Ek RzepkaPatrick Cruz, Wil George, and Sxwchálten (Dustin Rivers).

UNIT/PITT is maintaining legacy web sites, containing a variety of content, for three of these projects:

Working with Publication Studio Vancouver, we published four books to accompany this series:

With support from the City of Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary Grants Program. Ill Repute is also supported by a project grant from the British Columbia Arts Council. UNIT/PITT Projects is grateful for ongoing support from the City of Vancouver, the British Columbia Arts Council, the Canada Council, and from artists, cultural workers, volunteers and individual donors, without whom we would be unable to continue.