Instant Coffee
On a Stick

October 11 to November 9, 2002

Ideas are a dime a dozen and we intend to materialize them for less and faster then we can think.For their upcoming exhibition, at the Helen Pitt Gallery, Instant Coffee will fill the gallery with a series of their products, from prototypes to sellable multiplies. They will produce the majority of products in Vancouver by collecting found materials and ready-made objects that they will alter and incorporate into their existing product-line–Instant Coffee’s instant and not-so instant products.

For one of their featured products, Instant Coffee, in collaboration with Jon Saski, will commission a group of artists to design screensavers for a compilation disc. Now that screensavers are bordering on obsolete, Instant Coffee believes that this graphic form is the perfect medium for art making.

In the spirit of Instant Coffee, are proud to be collaborating with Centre A, Canadian Art and Subeez Cafe to present numerous events in conjunction with this exhibit.

Thurs October 17th, Instant Coffee will hold a one night screening of Concept Album: Mexican Pop Videos. The screening will be held at SUBEEZ CAFE (891 Homer St), 8pm. First shown in April 2002 at Pleasure Dome, Toronto, this program features the work of Galia Eibenschutz, Miguel Caldron, Ilian Gonzalez, Sylvia Gruner, Yoshua Okon, Renato Ornelas, Gabriel Acevedo, Ilian Gonzalez, Xavier Rodriguez, Pedro “Zulu” Gonzalez, and Ximena Cuevas.

We will host Canadian Art Magazine during their Art Hop on Sat Oct 19, 2pm. Christina Ritchie (Contemporary Art Gallery) will present on Instant Coffee’s practice and current exhibit.

This project has been developed in tandem with Centre A Gallery, where Instant Coffee founding member, Jinhan Ko, will show “Waiting Room”. The exhibition opens Tuesday October 22 at 6pm.