Friday, May 26 to Saturday June 10, 2006

From the French for ‘to make’ or ‘to do’, the conjugated ‘Fait’ describes the connection in the act of making (concrete production) to the act of doing (authoring a work of art). Jonah Gray and Cameron Kerr have both paid due attention to both aspects of the verb by way of their medium.

Gray’s piece in the exhibition plays with the viewer’s expectations by way of one’s own curiosity. He resists the probable, instead displaying the means of construction, the tools of the trade, perhaps, in the fabrication of the obscuring gallery wall which marks the divide between his and Kerr’s work. Vividly coloured paint covers aspects on both sides of the wall with shared intent of transforming objects beyond their conceived use and detracting from utilitarian associations. Over the years, Kerr has been extremely prolific in his conception and execution of ideas. Often working with decidedly solid materials such as marble, wood, or cardboard, the artist often considers the public, the literary, or the figurative. When working on such a scale, he must strongly consider his process and methods of traditional sculpture. Ideas must be rationalized and elaborated to one day be accomplished.

Jonah Gray has previously worked in video but has expanded his sensibility into sculpture, primarily for its bodily possibilities and its life-size status, as demonstrated in the unique terms of visuality present in the exhibition’s installation. Gray is an editor of Woo magazine, Emily Carr Institute’s student publication, and has most recently been involved in the Kick Start the Art off-site graduation exhibition.

Cameron Kerr studied classical marble sculpture in Carrara, Italy both formally at the Academy of Fine Arts and informally with monument builder Franchi Umberto and sculptor Manuel Neri. He also has an expansive public art project opening soon in downtown Vancouver. Currently Kerr is aiming to finish his degree at the Emily Carr Institute.