Vanishing Heat (Super 8, 58 minutes, 1983) was an experimental movie comprised of Super 8 film Kent Tate shot from 1981-1982, combined with found footage. The entire film was created using an optical printer  at the Funnel in Toronto, taking 7 months to complete. Each frame was duplicated multiple times to effect an ethereal slow motion, while the soundtrack was in real time. One of the the highlights of the film was a painfully slow  battle between two giant tortoises asserting their territory on the Galápagos Islands.  Another highlight was a haunting, dispassionate figure cooking sugar in a very cold kitchen at the Museum of Post-Habitation. After the screenings at the Unit Pitt, Vanishing Heat was supposed to be screened  in San Francisco. On the way there the movie was stolen at the Greyhound bus terminal in Seattle. It was the only print so in that moment the movie vanished, never to be seen again.