Kim Dawn
Kim Dawn

Kim Dawn
21 Sleeps and No Tomorrow
Approaching the Warm

March 6 – April 18
Opening Friday, March 5 @ 7pm.
Special Artist Video Presentation at the Gallery, Saturday, March 20, 2pm.

How can you mediate/translate sensory experience when you are disassociated from your own body? How does one connect with one’s body when it is a marker of trauma? What might a simultaneous and highly conscious connection to all of the senses induce in relation to forms of contemporary subjectivity? Kim Dawn’s new exhibition at the Helen Pitt Gallery activates a consideration of the self in relation to the body that confronts disconnections with our sensorial being.

She asks: Where are you in your body right now?

The work confronts a disassociation from (and objectification of) the body. In doing so the manufacture of desire within capitalist exchange and the media environments and technologies that facilitate it are put into question. Dawn attempts to breach the role of the subject as spectator and consumer through an engagement with the senses:

The goal is to submerge/immerse the viewer in their bodies – to amplify all of the senses simultaneously creating an ‘over-whelmence’.

This exhibition further develops Dawn’s reflections on the body as a site of meaning and agency. This will be one of her most complex interdisciplinary works to date, incorporating performance, installation, video, drawing and sculpture.

Biographical Information:

Kim Dawn received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1996 and an MFA from the University of Western Ontario in 1998. Her work encompasses video, installation, performance, painting, drawing and writing. Dawn has exhibited her work across Canada and abroad. Most recently she participated in the “Monologue Series” exhibition, curated by Kim Simon, at Mercer Union, Toronto, in May of 2003, and completed a Performance/Video/Installation Residency (this past fall/winter) at St. Hyacinth, curated by Melanie Boucher. Dawn will be coming from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where she now lives and works, to install the exhibition.