Friday, March 3–Saturday, April 1, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, March 3, 2006 at 7:00 pm

Laura Piasta and Annika Rixen’s collaborative installation blends paradigms residing on opposite ends of the spectrum of the human condition. If at one extreme you find science and mathematics, the opposing would house the incalculability of relations with another person. Piasta and Rixen are clear individuals with separate artistic practices. Two mirrored elements oppose one another, distinctly bearing signifiers of past memories and remnants of a constructed identity through musical affiliations. Almost miraculously, through the innocuous nature of formal treatment, the discrete entities connect, coalescing in graceful formation.

Laura Piasta is currently a fourth year student at the Emily Carr Institute. She has shown at numerous locales around Vancouver including Antisocial, Misanthropy, and Xeno galleries, as well in Tokyo at Sign Gallery BIF. In addition to playing bass for The Book of Lists, Piasta’s practice has continually revolved around the typologies at play in popular music within a keen interdisciplinary sensibility.

Annika Rixen is also a fourth year student at ECI. Upon graduation, she is planning to complete her second degree at Universitaet der Kuenste in Berlin. At present much of Rixen’s work straddles ideas surrounding text, image and the photograph as bearer of information.