The Pitt International Galleries (formerly Unit/Pitt Gallery) will be re-opening its doors at 36 Powell St. (main floor) on Monday November 5, at 8:00 p.m. Our new premises features three distinct galleries, one white, one grey, and one black, that allows a highly flexible programming schedule that will accommodate all art.

We open with two exhibitions. The first is entitled Many Drawings. Drawing is often an overlooked aspect of the visual arts and this exhibition, by covering a wide range of styles, content, and scale, highlights the medium itself, and is a valuable opportunity to see where drawing stands in Vancouver today. Pieces exhibited focus on drawing as a finished work and not a preparatory sketch or study. Approximately twenty artists are participating in this show.

Our second exhibit is Pretty Pictures, a selection of 30″ x 40″ hand-coloured photographs by Oraf which play on our standard ideals of prettiness – landscapes, flowers, public sculpture, and favourite buildings.

Many Drawings and Pretty Pictures will further add to the excitement of ART CITY, a massive celebration of the arts that will permeate Vancouver throughout November. Exhibitions continue to November 17.