Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling
Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling

Marsha Bradfield, Mark Buck, Wesley Cameron, Jessica Eaton, Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling
An Ideal Language

August 7th – September 2nd 2004
Opening Friday August 6th @ 7pm
Curated by Crystal Huba as a part of the ECIAD student CO-OP program

This exhibition will be accompanied by a publication by Jillian Pritchard and Dan Starling in relation to their piece, A Doll’s House.

An Ideal Language focuses on artists who question everyday social interactions with people and how the use of literary text, publishing and the mass media can be subverted and questioned through video, photo, drawing, painting and performance.

In a book there is a beginning, a middle and an end; in advertising we read one liners that are collectively understood by the public; in small talk with an acquaintance there are often expected responses and even music is structured with a “good” chorus. What happens when these structures are shifted and re-arranged within a gallery context?

Mass culture dissects the concept of an ideal beauty, but this show attempts to engage the viewer to question what might be an ideal language and ask if there is a possibility of understanding and interpreting one.