Framed by a bough of boys and yarn, fluorescent lights, the work of miguel da conceicao functions in the realm of oneiric representation of the homoerotic. He works to inscribe modes of duality conceived from the same origin yet existing individually manifested in mirrored images of unchallenged masculinity.

The relationship of the twin as two separate identities of the same psyche, frame the space his drawings inhabit akin to, yet not defined by, the constituencies of polarized conventional male sexuality.

Using the familiar didactics of two dimensional language, his drawings travel off of the page and engage his subject spatially and architecturally. miguel’s amplitude of images created out of sexualized narrative myth dissipate traditional notions of the modes of male representation.

Reinterpreting the overblown stylistic notions of the Baroque into a seemingly “dark” sculptural installations, he subsumes his varied conceptions of impotent leisure and hollow notions of hyper-aestheticized “darkness”.