Leave the bright balmy summer of Vancouver behind and enter the dark brooding world of A Gothic Love Story. When you cross the doorway of the “World’s Only Post-Atomic Art Gallery”, the Unit/Pitt at 163 W. Pender on Monday August the 13th at 8 pm you will be swept into a vortex of dark visions, of flesh stripped bare and unrepentant sexual energy exploding in the face of death’s climax. You will be a witness to the final moments of life’s battle with death. When men die is it their final erection?

This is the vision of Nils Jespersen. This is the work of Nils Jespersen. Who is Nils Jespersen? Nils Jespersen is a sculptor extraordinaire who was born in Denmark sometime after the Great Mud War and is a self avowed internationalist. Nils Jespersen is also an artist of consummate skill who works in welded steel but manages to make extraordinarily delicate and human sculptures.

We guarantee that if you do have the courage to cross this doorway on Monday August the 13th at the Unit/Pitt Gallery you will never forget. You will never forget the works of art. You will never forget Nils Jespersen. You will never forget this vision of the ultimate struggle between life and death. You will have experienced The Gothic Love Story.