Thomas Weideman/ Patrick Geraghty/ Soledad Muñoz* no show *

A night of solo visions in music and sound:

Thomas Weideman

Running away from the university gates for one night only. Pop form in convergence with the breathless f holes of a cello. Deep acoustic swing to the dilapidated dissonance of your decaying bus ride here.

Patrick Geraghty

Inquiries of a station wagon parked on a daytime only parking lot in Davis, California loops back into some sort of North Vancouver mist. Here is the spot where one of the many goons in the Role Mach electrical band sings some songs.

Soledad Muñoz

A dislocation of sampled environments synthesized in the now. Interests in maximal systems are voiced in the invisible estates of waveforms. Where is the pattern? Does it ever end? When will it stop being so cold outside???

Music 10pm – 12am

refreshments and such


* this is on a Saturday

This musical event is part of the Research + Presentation Centre, an exhibition of curated tertiary extensions opening at the Unit/Pitt in April 2012

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