The PITT is moving!! The PITT is moving!!! After nine long years in a roach infested rat hole on the seedy side of downtown Vancouver, the Unit/Pitt Gallery is finally ready to relocate. We don’t like to brag, but the new location is really quite nice and actually has a floor and a ceiling that are both intact.

Our final show at the old locale is going to be a joyous celebration (you’d be celebrating too) of street art in an indoor setting.

The Last Pittsure Show will include works by such notorious favourites as Pablo Fiasco, Jan Wade, Jim (I, Braineater) Cummins, Julie Deschenes and many many more. The artists will spend their weekend prior to the opening in a frenzy of spray paint activity, creating their priceless works of art directly on walls of the tired old gallery.

The show will open Monday, August 27 and run for one week only, until the 31 of the month. Opening time is 8 p.m. but it is generally considered gauche to arrive before nine.

In case you’re wondering, our new gallery space is at 36 Powell St. Please stay tuned for details of our grand opening.