Montreal based visual artist Su Schnee is returning to Vancouver, where she studied and worked up to 1981, to present her unique painting style at the Pitt International Galleries.

The pieces in “Futur of an Illusion” are as evocative as the title implies. The collective work moves through time and space, calling out to the personal and shared parts of ourselves to take a chance; to see and feel. And as is the nature of illusion, there is an ironic twist as the series runs its course.

To see the possibilities of blending method and illusion, of uniting disparate images on the same theme with a mixture of techniques, is to create a style rich in meaning and allusion.

In addition to her exhibition at the Pitt, Su Schnee will be artist in residence at the Western Front, with Daniel Dion, where they will be producing a video and presenting a new performance piece, the evening of Saturday, April 27.

Su Schnee is co-founder and co-director of Oboro Gallery in Montreal. Her work has been shown through Canada and Europe, including Berlin, Paris, and Madrid.