Friday, November 4-Saturday, December 10, 2005
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 4, 2005 at 7:00 pm

Culture is constructed from assemblage. Terry Ray Brown orchestrates a partly manufactured, partly authentic past. The notion of a distinct West Coast existence through the formative events of Brown’s years living in the Lower Mainland has become central to his latest works.

Memories embodied through photographs grow into sources to be mediated again by the artist. Encapsulated in the work are the artist and his stories. Residing conjointly with this is a strange sense of familiarity and kinship that can be compared to the connection that occurs when you meet someone from your hometown. One immediately searches for commonalities. To this regard, Brown’s work becomes incredibly accessible.

Brown uses all the appropriate vintages of the Canadian past. From the vast landscape to the plaid flannel jacket, “high” art and “low” culture meet. The question of what is “high” or “low” in the work, however, is somewhat indeterminable, as it remains a personal vestige.

Terry Ray Brown is a Fourth Year student at the Emily Carr Institute, graduating in 2006. Currently, Terry’s work has consisted of the integration of his drawn and painted images on to everyday forms.

— Curated by Charlotte Matthews