behind the wall  x in front of the wallA curatorial residency by Sylvana D’Angelo and Anežka Minaříková with an exhibition by artists Alex Heilbron, Lauren Marsden, and Monsters.

Closing reception and book launch Friday, August 22, 8pm

Behind the Wall x In Front of the Wall is a consideration of two families’ recent past, against a backdrop of political change and economic globalization. Minarikova and d’Angelo explore issues surrounding religious, political, and personal freedom, through artifacts of their families’ lived experience. This curatorial project will evolve over the summer at UNIT/PITT, culminating in a closing event on August 22nd. The project includes items from the curators’ personal collections, a publication, and an exhibition featuring works by Alex Heilbron, Lauren Marsden and Czech design duo Monsters.


Sylvana d’Angelo is a multimedia designer and artist based in Vancouver. Her work seeks out new experiences and individuals in the search for something meaningful and then exploits that moment through documentation and presentation. Anežka Minaříková is currently finishing her studies at the UJEP University, in Prague, Czech Republic in the field of graphic design. She is fascinated by exploring the impact of design on social issues and seeks to push the boundaries between graphic design as decorative craft and as an art discipline. She lives and works in Prague. The curatorial duo met in Breda, Netherlands as part of the Open Set annual design residency with Studio Squash in 2013.

Participating Artists:

Alex Heilbron lives and works in Europe. She has exhibited internationally, including shows in Vancouver, Germany, France, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Since 2013 Alex has been a guest student in Tal R’s class at the Kunstakadamie Düsseldorf. In 2012 she published two collections of drawings; Strawberry with Oso Press, a Los Angeles based publisher, and a book called Bed with Museums Press, Glasgow and a Public Art project through The Crying Room Gallery, Vancouver.

Lauren Marsden‘s practice involves various forms, including performance, video, photography, ephemera and texts. She has recently exhibited her work at the Victoria Film Festival, Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, LIVE International Performance Art Biennale in Vancouver, Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, Chicago and Frutta Gallery in Rome, Italy.

Monsters is a small studio creating fine art illustration, typography and publication design. In common life we are: Michaela Labudová, Pavel Frič, Lukáš Müller and a dog, Berry. We are closely connected to the Faculty of Art and Design of JEP University (where we have studied) and the city of Ústí nad Labem, Czech republic.