1pm – 4pm
refreshments and snacks provided
Limited space for womxn and non-binary identified folks,
RSVP EARLY to info@artsassembly.ca

COLLECTIVE RECKONING is a joint project between UNIT/PITT and ARTS ASSEMBLY in the wake of socially driven calls to address sexual harassment, violence and trauma that disproportionately impacts womxn identified and non-binary folks. Through a series of open forums, discussions and resource sharing, we hope to not only tangibly address these issues within our creative community, but to foster long term accountability and change.

The first session of COLLECTIVE RECKONING will be an open discussion to address Institutional Accountability and Safe Space within our community
and spaces of employment. A group discussion will be led addressing ‘what does institutional accountability currently look like’, ‘where are the gaps’, ‘do we operate in safe space?’ and ‘how can we collectively
address and develop these points?’

COLLECTIVE RECKONING is a process initiated by us, but which belongs to our community.