satanic panic8pm

At War with Satan! is a video collection organized by Jamie Ward, looking at the infamous Satanic Panic. A textbook example of what sociologist Jeffrey S. Victor terms Rumor Panic, the period of the 1980s-1990s saw a wave of accusations of widespread Satanic activity in the US, Canada & England, fabricating the mythology of a global conspiracy of a deeply entrenched civil crime spree of murder, sacrifice & sexual abuse.

This edition looks in particular at the Evangelical Christian war on Rock Music and Dungeons & Dragons. Rock and Roll, long the enemy of the Church, became particularly appealing to fire & brimstone pastors, with the emergence of more overt occult overtones present in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal. This screening collection is an hour long trip into the weird and hilarious world of Christian scare films, Hollywood horror movies, news reports and daytime tv talk show appearances…and Heavy Metal! A brief history will precede the screening. Beverages available to make it even better.