Our Chinatown Maps“Our Chinatown Maps 繪製我們的唐人街地圖!” is a week-long event that will aim to make space for storytelling and learning through mapping. Local community members’ experiences, memories, struggles and anxieities will be communicated in two parts: a collective community map and individual cognitive maps.

The collective interactive community map will highlight the gentrification crisis in Vancouver’s Chinatown using balloons. Local community members will be invited to view and participate in identifying sites for sale/threat, sites in danger and zones of exclusion. Chinatown inhabitants will also be invited to share their favourite areas in Chinatown, exhibit photos they might have of Chinatown in the past as well as sharing their hopes for the future.

The individual cognitive maps of Chinatown will exhibit what a regular day for inhabitants of Chinatown looks like. Participants will be encouraged to think about what their daily experience in Chinatown looks like today, what it looked like in that past, what they hope it will look like in the future and draw it out. The goal, through the creation of these maps, is to provide a space for storytelling that may traverse language barriers.

AUGUST 20TH, 11am-5pm
Local community members will be invited to a workshop at UNIT/PITT where they can contribute to these two parts. “Our Chinatown Maps” will be open to contributions the following week until August 27th.

AUGUST 27th, 3-5pm
Summary presentation of and public discussion on the collective community map and the individual cognitive maps.

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