UNIT/PITT Radio is on hiatus, but not forever!

UNIT/PITT Radio is a very-low-power radio station broadcasting from various locations at various times. Between 2011-2015, you could pick it up in the immediate vicinity of UNIT/PITT on 89.7 FM. You can also listen to our archive of broadcasts, below. We broadcasted a variety of recordings from our events and projects, readings of critical texts, and audio by artists.

Jen Weih, Ben Kamino, Aryo Khakpour, and Justine Chambers: An Exact Vertigo

Ithaca Smith: On Blue in Green

The Lumpen-Headache

Susanna Browne: A Perfect Day

POWER2012 (part of Red76: This Is An (A) Front)

Kate Armstrong: Path

Robert Dayton: The Canadian Romantic

Wil George: Survival in its Many Shapes

Chris Bose: The Apology

We Give a Shit Because We Care

Patrick Cruz: Yin Yang Temple

Excerpts from Rereading The Riot Act

Excerpts from Wrong Wave 2: Art rock is dead/Long live art rock

UJ3RK5: An Oral History