Preview installation view - Yin Yang Temple listening station
Preview installation view - Yin Yang Temple listening station


Patrick Cruz Artist Talk. September 17th, 2011


Yin Yang Temple Playlist

[audio:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|loop=yes|titles=The Au Pairs – We’re So Cool,Girls Rock Camp Alliance – Wish you Could Understand,The Haggard – P.E. Teacher,Beat Happening – Foggy Eyes,Berlin – Surreal to You,Black Fuzzy Kittens of Death – Doom,Bobbi Kozinuk – Station ID,Buzzing Silence – Love is Just a Game,Charlie Bell – Wish You Could Understand,City of Youth – One Chance,Dancin’ Paint – Beach Attack at Crazy Beach,Devil’s Wand – Devil’s Wand,dot dot dot – This Song is Going to Be a Hit,Fith Column – Your Love Glows in the Dark, Forever – Trash Island,The Frumpies – She’s a Real Cutie Pie, Hank Bull – Station ID, Heavens to Betsy – Playground,Hey Don’t Fall – Hey Don’t Fall,Howlin’ Silence – The Same,Legit – Pick up the Pieces,Lois – St. What’s Her Name,Marie Osmond – Karawane,Michael Turner – Station ID,Move Over – Interruptions,Patrick Ready – Station ID,Phillip Glass – Building (excerpt from Einstein on the Beach,Queens of the Iron Cross – The One in the Dark,Roses and Thorns -Rockin’ Bunny,Royal Foolz – Viva La Memphis,Sara & Hanna – Maff & Pitch,Skip That Birthday Party – Bad Birthday,Spilled Neon – Endless Expression,Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – The Closet,Tommy Wright III – shoot to kill,Tommy Wright III – Gangsta Forever,Tommy Wright III – shouts,Tommy Wright III – Tommy Wright III Lil Sko Balla On A Budget,Tristan Unrau – death is not a metaphor,Wapz – Bitc,Rock Camp Showcase – ANTHEM,Rock Camp Showcase – FLAMING ANGELS,Rock Camp Showcase – KERPLUNK,Rock Camp Showcase – PUSH,Rock Camp Showcase – Toxic Vomit – Electric Brain Waves,Rock Camp Showcase – TWIITCH,Rock Camp Showcase – VOICE,Rock Camp Showcase – 8910, Alternative TV – Lost In A Room,Anderson Cooper Laughing Fit,Boyd Rice & Friends – People,Boyskout – Secrets,Burger King saves the day (homemade commercial),Charles Manson’s Epic Answer,Coil – The Sewage Worker’s Birthday Party,Crass- Walls,Current 93 – Jasmine, D. R. Hooker – Forget Your Own Chain,Death in June – But what ends when the symbols shatter,Drinking Water Commercial, ENNIO MORRICONE -The Antichrist_ The Light (1974,Fedex home made commercia, fucking lesbian bitches-ev,FULL CIRCLE RECORDS – Home Made Commercial 199,GAP homemade commercial,Gatsby Commercial,Girls Homemade Commercials,Girls Homemade Commercials (1),Hahaha, Home made ad,Home made ad (1),Home made LEGO transport commercial,Home made toyota tercel commercial,Homemade Bing Commercial,Homemade commercial,Homemade Commercial-Grade Biodiesel for under $1.00,Homemade Commercials- Rubik’s 360,HOMEMADE GATORADE COMMERCIAL,Invisable spray( homemade commercials)(2),Jessye Norman Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen Ruckert Lieder 5_5,Kit Kat Commercial Lauging reporter,Lincoln Navigator Commercial (home made),Lunar Ink Commercial (Homemade),Marcel Duchamp – On Indifferent Taste,MESSAGE FROM THEE TEMPLE- NEUROLOGY – TOPY Spokesman,Neil Young – Computer Age,Nike Home made Commercial,NIke Shoes Commercial – homemade,NON – Total War,On Arabic Vowels – John McWhorter,Placido Domingo – Otello – Dio Mi Potevi,Pregnant woman on lauging gas,Psychic TV – Cadaques,Raisin Bran Crunch Homemade Commercial,Random Homemade Commercials,Salleen – Home made commercial,The Secret Commercial (Homemade),sister george-sistergeorge,Smash The Mac – You’re Already Dead – The Crass(2),Song Sawan Ka Mahina Film Milan (1967) with Sinhala Subtitles,Team Dresch – Remember Who You Are,Tommy Hilfiger Home Made Commercial,Tommy Wright III – Still Pimpin, Tommy Wright III & Princess Loko – Street Shit (1998),Tommy Wright III- Killa By Nature,Tommy Wright III-meet yo maker,V For Vendetta – Providence Is A Small Town 1,Water Bottle Comercial,Whitehouse – Thank Your Lucky Stars,xray specs-i live off you,Yoko Ono – Walking on Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix),Zlatni Decaci – Cudna Devojk,Names Of The Injured And Arrested]

Yin Yang Temple is the first of Ill Repute series. Part installation, part media project, and part social network, Yin Yang Temple builds on Unit/Pitt’s early history as a focal point for art and music, and for musical subcultures intersecting with visual art audiences. Cruz has invited other artists to create playlists which play off both the installation context and the Pitt’s history of fractious interaction with the wider society around it, through its on-again, off-again relationships with activists, experimental artists, urban cultures of resistance and DIY culture-makers.