Coming up in the first week of March, we kick off the series with a talk and workshop led by Jen Weih:

Wednesday March 4th at 7pm: This is not a talk about horses.
Based on the pictures and the models you would think the sun stands still. Of course, here on earth, it feels like we are holding fast and the sun is doing the moving. We know, yet maybe can’t quite figure, that the sun is traveling through the galaxy. And then again, that the galaxy is hurtling through space. Perpetual motion at unimaginable magnitudes.
The rhythm of inhalation and exhalation and the beating of the heart are some of the perpetual motions of the body. These have been described as the body’s blue print for knowing itself. If we can think about patterns of motion as the habits of the self what access do we have to something unknown or new by moving. If our habits are the root of our actions maybe there is something valuable here. And maybe it is intimate-private not ownership-private.
(I mean…thinking about the attention to both art and movement in so far as “what can I do with this?” What does it excavate inside me. (ie intimate) What productive work/learning/mystery does it provide for me. I want to talk about that..
Also this Duchamp quote that Seth Price points to– that the artist of the future will be underground. Which to me suggests operating within the culture without announcing it. That art can be stealthy. Also that Irit Rogoff essay about Smuggling. Moving things across boundaries. (which I think works with privacy somehow.. I know, there is a slide there, but I am interested in that.)
And once I said private, the play with private property seemed worth making…)

Here is a link to the recorded audio.

And on Sunday March 8th at 2pm we have:
Body Time : Move/Moved/Moving/Movement
Jen Weih will lead a workshop for all skill and comfort levels. Simple experiments with sensation, perception, gravity, and travel.
All ages are welcome.
No dance/movement experience necessary.

Jen Weih is an artist based in Vancouver BC. Theoretical considerations of the body, were key to the development of her visual art practice. Lately, the real living body in movement has become a focus for exploration through public events. While not a dancer, she has recently worked with Anna Halprin, Diego Piñon, and Christopher House. She has been exhibiting visual art since 1999 and teaching visual art at Emily Carr University since 2010. She is actively involved in Other Sights for Artist Projects an organization dedicated to exploring the regulatory conditions of public space through temporary public works.

During our opening hours (Wednesday through Saturday from 12-5pm) the gallery space will be occupied by Emmalena Fredriksson, who will be collaborating with 10 local dancers doing research on the possibilities of appropriating visual arts language and methodologies to present dance.

Emmalena Fredriksson is a dance artist from Sweden currently based in Vancouver. She graduated from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in 2008 and has since presented choreographic work, performed and taught in Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, UK and Canada, including as an Artist in Residence with Daghdha Dance Company in Ireland (2009-2010) and as an Associate Lecturer in Choreography and Dance at Falmouth University, UK (2011-2013). Emmalena is currently researching choreography and dance in an interdisciplinary context as part of her MFA-studies at Simon Fraser University. For more information about her work go to


Week 1: March 4-8

Week 2: March 11-14

Week 3: March 18-22 

Week 4: March 25-29

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