Unlearning weekenders

The Unlearning Walking Club is an open group that invites the public into a moving exploration of sensorial and metaphysical spaces – of the body and the land.Through a walking practice, we are looking for new ways to activate our perceptions and find creative forms of criticality and connection. We walk to reclaim internal personal space and external public space by exploring the environment through its direct relationship with the body. We walk to activate invisible and often dismissed forms of learning, as well as diverse forms and expressions of intelligence. We honour play and invoke revelry as a way of discovering and validating these individual and shared experiences of relearning, learning backwards, inside-out and upside-down – of unlearning. We walk together, and we walk alone.

The Unlearning Walking Club is part of the series Spaces of Contestation.

Unlearning Walking Club tumblr: http://unlearningwalkingclub.tumblr.com/


Unlearning Walking Club walks

Space is limited. Please reserve in advance.

Meet at 236 East Pender Street at 10:45am. Walks will begin promptly at 11 am.

Sunday March 23 Unlearning Walking Club Walk 1: Of The Land – reserve now

Sunday March 30 Unlearning Walking Club Walk 2: Letting Go – reserve now

Sunday April 6 Unlearning Walking Club 3: Become Another – reserve now

Sunday April 13 Unlearning Walking Club 4: Leaving Traces – reserve now

Sunday April 20 Unlearning Walking Club 5: Into Shadow – reserve now

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